Borealis Foods Inc. is a fast growing food tech company with a mission to serve growing consumer needs and tackle global food challenges by developing nutritious, sustainable, and affordable ready-to-eat meals.

Through continuous R&D, we are committed to making a positive impact on both human life and our planet.

Ours is a Journey That is Mission Powered

We create ground-breaking products with our high-protein, plant-based, and shelf-stable meals which offer competitive superiority to excel in the consumer markets

We make highly affordable, high-protein meals with our continuous R&D and partnerships with other advanced food-tech companies for advanced solutions

We want to feed the world while building a more sustainable planet with plant-based meals accessible to everyone including the developing world, while minimizing our environmental impact.

Noodles that change the world

Roasted Chicken packaging
Thai Lemongrass packaging
Sweet Chili Togarashi packaging
Spicy Lime packaging
Braised Beef packaging

Why Ramen Noodles?

Enjoyed by over 5 billion people in a $40B global market, it is the most widely consumed packaged food on the market. It is shelf-stable, convenient and offers one of the highest turnover for retailers. The category is ripe for disruption in a market limited by product differentiation, low retail profit margins, lackluster new product development and poor consumer perception.

Ramen is a medium for functional benefits

Borealis Foods is redefining the category by combining functional food development know-how with production and distribution expertise. We bring:

  • Innovative food science to produce healthy, functional and sustainable plant-based products.
  • Affordable, mass-produced meals that don’t compromise on flavor consistency and palatability.
  • Premium food products that capture higher margins.
  • Highly-admired environmental-friendly practices and product packaging.

Noodles That Benefits People’s Health

And it’s more than a trend. The number of people eating plant-based alternative foods have doubled from 2008 to 2019. With weight-conscious consumers pursuing more nutritious food while concerned with the effects of animal hormones, the market is highly receptive to our plant-based offering.

Noodles That Are Super Premium

Every serving of industry-leading Chef Woo is deemed a good source of iron and an excellent source of protein. It provides all 9 essential amino acids and over 1/3 of a person’s daily recommended protein at only 330 Kcal.

IFANCA Certified Halal mark
Kosher mark
No added MSG mark
No palm oil mark
Organic mark
Certified plant based mark
American Vegetarian Association certified vegan mark
American Vegetarian Association certified vegetarian mark

Noodles That Are Widely Distributed

Our products are lovingly made in the USA by our wholly owned company, Palmetto Gourmet Foods. They can be found in more than 20,000 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada (and soon Europe) including top retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Aldi and others.

Noodles That Are Exceptionally Produced

Our uniquely U.S. based plant has a mass production capacity of up to 1,800 meals per minute – the equivalent of 600,000,000 meals per year.

Our Leadership

Borealis Foods commits to diversity in leadership and international representation as a global company.

Reza Soltanzadeh
Reza Soltanzadeh
Founder & CEO

An M.D. by training with deep commitment to healthy living, Reza has over 28 years’ experience in the field of food sciences and food mass production. As a young doctor, having witnessed the extreme malnourishment in remote villages of India, Reza is deeply committed to the science of affordable nutritious food. Reza was the CEO of IIIC Investment Group for 13 years, an emerging markets multibillion-dollar food-focused buyout firm, leading category consolidations to bring scale and efficiency resulting in low-cost production in highly fragmented food categories. He has served on boards in many food companies internationally. Reza received his doctorate from University of Manipal in India.

Barthelemy Helg
Barthelemy Helg
Founder & Chairman

An attorney by training, Bart was Vice-President at Nestlé SA, responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions, where he oversaw more than 70 transactions on all continents, contributing notably to establish Nestlé’s leadership in pet food. He was also Managing Partner of Lombard Odier & Cie, Geneva’s oldest private bank, and served as Global Head of Investment Banking and supervised the bank’s private equity operations. Prior to that, he worked for Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York. Bart has founded several companies active in food and biotech. He holds an LL.B/LL.M. from the University of Geneva, an LL.M. from NYU and an MBA from Harvard Business School and is licensed as an attorney in Geneva and New York.

Borealis Foods commits to diversity in leadership and international representation as a global company.

Industry Recognition

Sustainable Food Awards 2021 mark
World Food Innovation Awards 2021 mark
World Planet Based Awards 2022 mark