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Aligned with the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development

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Zero Hunger

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Good Health & 

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Gender Equality

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Decent Work & Economic Growth

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Responsible Consumption & Production

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Climate action

How we strive for better: Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community

Borealis and Palmetto Gourmet Foods are committed to giving back to the community by regularly donating food to support those in need. We partner with local food banks, hospitals, and schools to nourish those in the community who need a helping hand.

Women in front line Management 

Borealis proudly recognizes and values the significant contributions of women in front-line management, with a strong commitment to promoting their leadership and ensuring equal opportunities. Women constitute 45% of our Palmettos front-line management, underscoring our unwavering dedication to gender diversity. By prioritizing the role of women in leadership, we enhance organizational performance and foster a workplace that reflects the strength of diversity and principles of equality.

Providing increased Job opportunities and decent work

Since assuming control of its Saluda manufacturing plant in 2019, Borealis has expanded its workforce by hiring over 300 new employees via its manufacturing arm, Palmetto Gourmet Foods. This expansion has been accompanied by enhanced workplace safety measures, increased entry-level wages, and comprehensive health care coverage for all full-time staff members.

Creating affordable solutions to nutritional gaps

In a world where socioeconomic disparities result in health inequalities, we recognize the urgent need to provide accessible and nutritious choices. By concentrating on developing affordable, healthy alternatives, our goal is to contribute to alleviating nutrition-related health challenges in low-income communities. Our commitment extends beyond individual health as we strive to lead by example, fostering a more inclusive and equitable food system.

Striving for better nutrition in schools

We believe affordable and healthy school meal options are crucial for effective learning. Our mission is centered on the idea that proper nutrition is essential for academic success. By providing accessible and nutritious choices, we aim to enhance students' overall well-being, improving their physical health and cognitive function. We understand that a balanced diet not only boosts concentration and memory but also strengthens immune systems, reducing absenteeism and ensuring regular attendance. Our commitment to offering affordable and nutritious school meals goes beyond meeting immediate needs; it's an investment in the long-term academic success and overall health of students.

Designing meals to help those in crisis

As a solution-focused food company, we understand the importance of providing affordable and shelf-stable protein during disasters. We aim to offer simple and nutritious food options for those facing challenges. A shelf-stable protein not only addresses immediate hunger but also ensures a reliable source of nutrition. It's easy to store and prepare, making it a practical choice in emergencies. Protein is crucial for health, especially in stressful times. By offering an affordable, shelf-stable protein, we aim to help meet the nutritional needs of those affected by disasters, streamlining distribution for efficient relief efforts.

How we strive for better : Sustainability

Solar-powered Production by 2025

In our pursuit of creating low environmental impact products, we have committed to the construction of a seven-acre solar power plant to harness clean, renewable energy for our production needs.

Planet Friendly Packaging 

Our ramen cups are made from paper and vegetable inks, allowing them to be recycled. Better for our earth, better for the future.

More Sustainable Supply Chains

Our noodles are produced and packaged in Saluda, South Carolina, to create a shorter supply chain with lower emissions than traditional overseas manufacturing. We also continue to upgrade our production facility, Palmetto Gourmet Foods, with the latest sustainable production technology to further reduce our impact on the planet.

Lowering our Manufacturing Waste

Improving on our sustainable manufacturing processes, oil used to fry our noodles gets a second life as biofuel processed locally in South Carolina.

Lowering our impact on the planet with plant-based protein

Borealis collaborates with academia to further our food science and to test our assumptions.

The study conducted by The Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan aimed to assess the environmental performance of replacing meat consumption with Chef Woo (CW) ramen noodles, a novel plant-based product providing 20g of plant-based complete protein per serving. 

The study compared CW with beef, pork, chicken, and a plant-based burger across various environmental impact categories. The findings revealed that CW outperforms beef in all categories and performs as well as or better than pork or chicken, except in land use. When compared to combining regular ramen with enough beef, pork, or chicken to supply 20g of protein, CW showed lower greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, and water use.