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Chef Woo

Chef Woo, is our groundbreaking plant-based high-protein ramen. With an impressive 20g of plant-based protein per serving—equivalent to three eggs—Chef Woo ramen revolutionizes protein consumption. Crafted with carefully selected plant-based proteins surpassing most plant-based sources and rivaling animal-based proteins in quality and digestibility.


Chef Woo products preserve the beloved texture of traditional ramen, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience for consumers. Our team has ingeniously expanded the appeal of plant-based meals by utilizing the familiar format of ramen noodles and elevating classic flavours.


Backed by Culinary Genius

Guess what? Gordon Ramsay is teaming up with us to supercharge our mission of crafting sustainable, wholesome, and budget-friendly food! We're over the moon to announce this fantastic partnership and expansion of the Chef Woo Culinary Universe. Stay tuned, because we're diving into exciting projects and cooking up fresh products in the months ahead. With Ramsay's creative genius and our passion for accessible, nutritious eats, get ready to experience a mouthwatering revolution in the world of food. Together, we're rolling up our sleeves, getting onto the test kitchen, and concocting something extraordinary that'll leave taste buds dancing and stomachs satisfied.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Provides 20 Grams of Complete Protein in Each Cup

  • Comprised of High-quality Plant-based Ingredients

  • Prepared in a Microwavable & Recyclable Paper Cup

  • Certified Kosher & Halal

  • Made in the USA


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A good source of iron

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Palm oil free

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Low Saturated Fat

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Made with organic ramen

5 rich,
savory flavors for everyone to enjoy

Roasted Chicken

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